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MC2010 Motion Controller System From Siskiyou

A new motion controller system from Siskiyou features LabView control, a simplified virtual interface and the ability to automatically create scripts. Specifically, the new MC2010 is motion controller that enables both manual and programmable operation of up to 10 linear and/or rotary actuators based on DC servo technology. The system, which is supplied in a standard, 19-inch rack mount housing, is compatible with Siskiyou 7000 series, 840 series, 100cri, 200cri and RSAi series stages and actuators.  This closed-loop system delivers unidirectional linear motion in increments as small as 0.1 µm, with a bidirectional accuracy of ±2 µm.

Actuators can be controlled using either the traditional LabView interface or Siskiyou’s own standalone software. The latter allows for direct, manual control of each axis and can also be readily set to record motions and create editable scripts. Plus, Siskiyou can provide source code for those who want to write their own control software using LabView, C++ or MATLAB. This facilitates integration for OEMs and simplifies automated data collection for end users.

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