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To the left, Michael Lisby Jensen, CEO To the right, Jorgen Andersen, Chairman of the Board

JAI, a global camera manufacturer, appoints Michael Lisby Jensen (shown on left) as new CEO.  Jorgen Andersen (right) takes over the role as Chairman of the Board.

The appointment of Michael Lisby Jensen marks a further step in JAI’s growth strategy, centered around the tremendous opportunities of the fast-developing Machine Vision market and JAI’s unique capabilities built up over more than half a century.

Unique experience in driving growth and leading global organizations

Besides holding a Bachelor of Engineering and an executive MBA, Michael brings many years of experience from several global leading technology companies, lately acting as CEO/GM of CAPRES and MicroSense, under KLA Inc.

A high degree of creativity and technical skills attracts the new CEO

A major focus across Michael’s positions has been to drive commercial growth and excellence across deep technical organizations globally, and he is truly impressed by JAI’s organizational competencies and the long-established customer relations that are second to none in the industry.

Michael Lisby Jensen said  “The machine vision market provides tremendous opportunity for growth, and I am absolutely thrilled to become part of the drive to release all of JAI’s potential”.

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