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Nanoscribe Presents Photonic Professional GT2 for High-Resolution 3D Microfabrication Image Nanoscribe

With the successor model Photonic Professional GT2, Nanoscribe, a manufacturer of 3D printers for microfabrication, offers new solutions for additive manufacturing and maskless lithography. Thanks to optimized hardware and software components as well as IP-Q printing material especially developed for larger volumes, high-resolution microstructures up to a height of 8 mm can now be produced for the first time. While Nanoscribe devices have always been suited to the additive production of the finest structures, objects with submicrometer details from typically 160 nanometers up to the millimeter range on a printing area of up to 100x100 mm² can now be produced in a short time.

Labels: Nanoscribe,Photonic Professional GT2,High-Resolution 3D Microfabrication,additive manufacturing,maskless lithography,3D printers for microfabrication

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