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Michael Schmidt Image courtesy of EMVA

During the last International Vision Standards Meeting (IVSM) in Tokyo/Japan the GenICam Working Group has elected Michael Schmidt as new Chair of the Standard Working Group. Michael Schmidt leads a camera development team at Basler AG. He takes over the position from Dr. Fritz Dierks who has been leading the GenICam working group for almost 18 years and chose not to stand for another reelection to initiate the process of rejuvenating the board of the GenICam standard working group. The GenICam standard is hosted by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA).

“I would like to thank Fritz for his relentless work driving standardization in the machine vision industry throughout all these years. The impact of his strategic vision on the industry is a lasting contribution to standardization as one of the core pillars for the success of machine vision technology,” says Michael Schmidt.

Also, the EMVA Board of Directors thanks Dr. Dierks for his extraordinary and long-term engagement to serve the machine vision industry.

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