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Newsight Imaging, an Israeli startup that develops CMOS Image Sensor chips for machine vision geared to the robotics, automotive, Smart City, Industry 4.0 and mobile devices markets introduces the NSI3000EVBX, a full reference design kit for advanced 3D depth imaging. The kit is designed for use with Newsight Imaging’s NSI3XXX line sensor family, which supports its patented eTOF technology.

The field-proven patented eTOF technology delivers accurate, long distance and high frame-rate acquisition of depth points, in addition to unique solutions such as reflection filtering. Unlike other technologies, calculation of each depth distance point with eTOF technology requires minimal clock cycles and a small number of frames; this makes it well-suited to low power consumption devices, such as mobile devices, including smartphones, while significantly reducing overall costs. According to Yole Développement, the depth sensing consumer market is expected to reach $6B in 2022, driven by Mobile phone applications.

The kit includes: A carrying PCB with the NSI3XXX chip, an eTOF friendly laser driver, and a socket for a laser light source (or VCSEL) A Xilinx-based controller board attached to the carrying board A set of software drivers to operate the board An application running on a PC to display the depth point distance A full step-by-step guide for a customer prototype build. To obtain a kit, email [email protected].

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