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Laser Components introduced the NIR-MX800-LN series intensity modulators from iXBlue, especially designed to operate in the 800nm wavelength band.  They are available with modulation bandwidth at 10GHz and 20GHz.

NIR-MX800 Mach-Zehnder modulators offer engineers working in the 800nm band the intrinsic and unparalleled benefits of LiNbO3 modulation: high bandwidth, high contrast and ease of use.  

NIR-MX800 series intensity modulators use a proton exchange waveguide process on a doped LiNbO3 substrate.  This unique combination gives them unparalleled stability and superior optical power handling.

There has been an increase in applications such as QKD, quantum optics, fibre sensors, interferometric based sensors and frequency shifting. iXBlue modulators are made with a process of proton exchange that results in superior stability and power handling capacity as well as a low Vπ and insertion loss.

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