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As Ocean Insight, the company brings application-specific expertise, services and solutions to define and solve important challenges across multiple industries and disciplines.

Ocean Insight reflects its evolution from one of many suppliers of spectroscopy products to a singular provider of Applied Spectral Knowledge. Its purpose is to help customers define pressing challenges and deliver answers that promote a safer, cleaner, healthier future.

Ocean Optics invented the miniature spectrometer, pioneering the concept of bringing the measurement to the sample. 

Why Ocean Insight?

As Ocean Insight, the company brings application-specific expertise, services, and solutions to define and solve important challenges across multiple industries and disciplines.

For research customers and partners, the company will expand its optical sensing technology portfolio and add the sensing tools, application support and service that enables confident experimentation and breakthrough discovery anywhere, anytime.

In addition, businesses that need custom solutions will benefit from the company's laser-like focus on new technologies, application consultancy, custom system design, manufacturing expertise and a global service and support network. We’ve even created an internal structure to promote in-house ventures with the support to take on big problems with powerful insights.

Ocean Optics is now Ocean Insight. The name change represents deep investment in optical sensing solutions and expanded peer partner services to help bring greater value to its customers. From business or research challenges through to solutions the company intends to help provide greater understanding and actionable insights through product and people. “Insight” reflects the knowledge we bring, the solutions it provides, and the partnerships it values. 

As part of ASK, we’re introducing new capabilities in algorithm development and machine learning, plus cloud-based digital tools that provide unparalleled integration with hardware for enhanced customer experience and greater insight.

The new Ocean Insight combines the company's historic strength in product design and development with greater in-house, cross-functional, category-specific expertise. It is building out the human capital that will propel solutions across multiple categories. Drawing from disciplines including systems, optics, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, and industrial design it is assembling the capacity to provide even deeper customer collaboration on highly precise challenges across industries.

New website

The most significant change for existing customers will be a new website: During this transition, will remain operational. This completely new site will be unveiled over several phases throughout the summer months. will provide users with a more tailored, solution-driven experience, with the goal of making what we do more useful to existing and new customers.

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