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Infinera announced ICE-D, a new line of high-speed intra-data center optics based on monolithic indium phosphide (InP) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology. ICE-D optics are designed to dramatically lower cost and power per bit while providing intra-data center connectivity at speeds of 1.6 terabits per second (Tb/s) and greater. This technology enables data center operators to cost-effectively keep pace with relentless growth in bandwidth.

Driven by AI workloads and switched network applications, market demand for high-speed (800G+), intermediate-reach (100+ meters) intra-data center interconnect technology is projected to grow nearly tenfold over the next four years – from about 300,000 units in 2023 to more than 2.5 million units by 2027, with a total market opportunity of greater than $2.2 billion, according to industry analysts at Cignal AI.

“Intra-data center bandwidth is growing at an unprecedented rate as artificial intelligence applications transform connectivity demands between processing devices,” said Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst, Networking Components at Cignal AI. “This global trend will require innovative high-speed, low-latency, and power-efficient solutions to enable data center operators to economically meet the challenge of scaling intra-data center connectivity – today and well into the future.”

Leveraging the unique capabilities of Infinera’s U.S.-based optical semiconductor fab, Infinera’s intra-data center optical connectivity technology enables highly integrated solutions that combine multiple optical functions onto a single monolithic chip, resulting in industry-leading density, low latency, and power efficiency. ICE-D test chips are currently available and have demonstrated a reduction in power per bit by as much as 75 percent while simultaneously increasing connectivity speed.

“Infinera is excited to apply our 20+ years of pioneering innovation in optical connectivity solutions to solve the challenge of economically scaling intra-data center connectivity to support the deluge of bandwidth stemming from AI applications,” said Ron Johnson, SVP and General Manager of Optical Systems and Global Engineering at Infinera. “Our unique monolithic InP PIC technology puts us in an ideal position to develop innovative technologies to provide cost- and power-efficient, high-capacity intra-data center connectivity solutions.”

Infinera’s flexible ICE-D intra-data center optics are designed to support integration into a variety of different intra- and campus data center optical solutions. These solutions include digital signal processor (DSP)-based retimed optics, linear-drive pluggable optics (LPO), and co-packaged optics (CPO) for both serial and parallel fiber applications and distances ranging from 100 meters up to 10 kilometers.

Infinera will showcase its ICE-D intra-data center optics and comprehensive portfolio of open optical networking solutions in Booth 2825 in the Exhibit Hall at OFC 2024, to be held March 26-28 in San Diego, California.

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