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OFC is set to make its return, running March 24 to 28 2024, at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, Calif., USA.

This upcoming edition of the conference will continue to offer a hybrid experience, catering to both in-person and virtual attendees, in order to accommodate the diverse needs of a global audience. 

OCF is the platform that bridges the gap between advancements in optical technology, scientific research, education and industry insights. 

This year's Plenary speakers include Anita Döhler, CEO, NGMN Alliance; Inder Monga, Executive Director, ESnet and Scientific Networking Division Director, Berkeley Lab; and David Richardson, Partner Researcher, Microsoft. This year's plenary features thought-provoking industry luminaries that will provide insight into the future of optical networking and how it’s powering education and science. 

This year's OFCnet, OFC's high-speed optical network, represents a pivotal hub of innovation, showcasing the latest cutting-edge technologies. OFCnet serves as a platform for showcasing select demonstrations of networking products, solutions and architectures. This live network is specifically designed to exhibit emerging technologies such as quantum networking, interoperability among network elements, software-defined networking (SDN) and programmability, as well as networking solutions tailored for big data and significant scientific applications. For additional details, please click here

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