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With emissions monitoring for air quality, powder, dust and gasses, IR-based technologies are still in heavy use for FTIR monitoring. The important detection of pyroelectric, thermopile, lead selenide (PbSe) lead salt (PbS) and MerCad Teluride (MCT) at power plants and refineries, as well as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide identification in emission and process monitoring is ongoing. The importance of this emission data and early detection of issues is key to ensuring clean air and water are available to all people. The IR coating and manufacturing of IR optics is one of the main focus areas for the companies within Omega Optical Holdings.

Extractive FTIR monitoring removes gas from a smokestack or duct, filters out particulate matter, and runs the gas through a remote sample location for real-time FTIR spectrometer testing. FTIR spectra testing of emissions have been in play since the late 90’s in order to identify concentrations of CO and CO2.

In order to avoid costly fines from EPA standards non-compliance or downtime for refining, hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing, continual monitoring is essential. Complex analyzer systems today are able to process emission samples for ten elements simultaneously. The IR coatings and filters made by the divisions within Omega Optical Holdings allow instrument designers to obtain the exact dimension, flatness or curve and specific wavelength required for testing and to drop into the instrument for high volume ease of build.

Because of Omega Optical's product durability and reliability in the field, coatings and filters from Omega Filters, Spectral Systems and EMF are ideal for use in external systems with temperature fluctuation, humidity and salt corrosion. Omega's optical products are found in instruments for process monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, leak detection, gas turbine monitoring and many others.

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