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Ophthalmic loupe market

The global ophthalmic loupes market size is expected to reach USD 668.3 million by 2027, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 6.7% from 2020 to 2027. The growing prevalence of different eye diseases such glaucoma, cataract, and refractive errors is main factor expected to drive the overall market growth. Additionally, the growing usage of ophthalmic loupes in performing surgeries and for dental procedures due to its ability to provide higher magnification is expected to contribute towards the market growth.

Key suggestions from the report:

  • Galilean type held the largest revenue share in 2019 owing to its adaptability, light-weight, and affordability. They are widely used for surgical and dental procedures
  • Prismatic type is expected to grow at the fastest rate owing to its effectiveness in providing higher magnified and clear images in comparison to other types
  • Through-the-lens (TTL) held the largest revenue share in 2019 owing to its growing adoption by individual medical professionals as they are customized specifically for the person considering their PD and working distance
  • Flip-up telescopes are expected to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period
  • Hospitals held the largest revenue share in 2019 owing to the large number of ophthalmic surgeries performed in the settings, which is expected to contribute towards the adoption of ophthalmic telescopes in this setting
  • Ambulatory surgical centers are expected to witness fastest growth during the forecast period. Since, the cost of procedure in this setting is low in comparison to hospitals, the number of ophthalmic surgeries is expected to increase in the setting during the forecast period
  • In 2019, North America dominated the market with the largest revenue share, as most of the key players in the market are located in the U.S. and are starting programs to increase awareness regarding the usage and advantage of ophthalmic loupes
  • In Asia Pacific, the market is expected to witness fastest growth rate during the forecast period mainly due to growing development of technologically advanced ophthalmic loupes with effective frames and telescope designs

Ophthalmic loupes are considered as an affordable alternative to operating microscope and helps the ophthalmologists in effectively studying eye diseases during the surgery. Ophthalmologists undergo back and neck pain while performing surgeries as they bend more to see the area of operation properly. Therefore, to avoid this pain the ophthalmologists and even clinicians are opting for the medical device. These eyeglasses are designed considering interpupillary distance, angle of declination, and working distance, that helps in maintaining the posture of the medical professional while performing the treatment.

Magnification eyeglasses are designed according to specific procedures. Galilean type telescope helps in small surgeries and are handy. Despite of its small size it comes in various magnification range from 1.7x to 3.0x. Similarly, for complicated surgeries, medical professionals required higher magnification eyeglasses and thus prefer prismatic type. Prismatic telescope provides enhanced magnification up to 8x for better treatment.

Market players are also developing different design eyeglasses which can be adjusted as per the professional requirement. Flip-up telescopes come with hinge mechanism, that helps the medical professional to set the device as per their working distance and PD and they can flip it up once the process is done. Another design of the medical device is Through-the-Lens (TTL). These telescopes are prepared specifically for the person who is going to use it considering his PD. These are light-weight and can be carried easily with the professional as the eyeglasses are fixed on the design. This helps in maintaining the posture of the individual performing the procedure.

List of Key Players of Ophthalmic Loupes Market

  • SurgiTel
  • Keeler
  • Rudolf Riester GmbH
  • Orascoptic
  • Univet S.r.l.
  • Ocutech Inc.
  • Designs for Vision, Inc.

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