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With the increasing use of antimicrobial drugs, the evolution of pathogens and diseases has increased exponentially. The need to better characterise and elucidate novel pathways to neutralise or eradicate these threats is of paramount importance.

One technique which aids scientists in their hunt for the next golden bullet to eradicate diseases such as cancer is fluorescence microscopy. Fluorescence compounds can be attached to antibodies which are used to target cancer. These compounds absorb a certain wavelength of light and typically re-remit light of a longer wavelength. One benefit of fluorescence microscopy is in generating high level of contrasts, enabling higher levels of intracellular imaging.

Laser Components can provide both stock and bespoke excitation and emission filters, as well as precision dichroic mirrors which facilitates imaging onto the detector. A range of coating technologies are utilised allowing us to provide the broadest fluorescence detection product in the marketplace.

Laser Components offers a stock range which is compatible with all major microscope manufacturers and models including Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon and Leica.

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