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The team of scientists and engineers behind FrinGOe has developed an FTIR-based optical spectrometer that can be adapted onto a smartphone or a Raspberry Pi camera.

The company believes that equipping laymen users with a convenient, versatile and low-cost scientific-grade spectrometer will revolutionize the way humans communicate light and colors and explore the world around us. 

Among other uses, their spectrometer designed for the Raspberry Pi was conceptualized as a potential educational tool to teach students about the spectrum of light. 

FrinGOe says that by proliferating the spectrometer technology to the masses, crowd-sourcing of data can now be realized and previously undiscovered trends/signatures may be observed.

In June, the team will launch FrinGOe internationally at the Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Munich and at the same time start a crowdfunding campaign.

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