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Laser Components Optics for lidar

Light Distance and Ranging (lidar) systems have been utilised in atmospheric monitoring system to give researchers powerful insight in atmospheric properties. These include studying clouds, wind, temperature and gases.

Typically a lidar system would consist of an output and input beam. The output beam would transmit a laser into the atmosphere and the backscattered light would be collected by the receiver. The data would be linked to computers with algorithms to process the ample information and to provide meaning information such as wind velocity, cloud altitude, cloud classification, concentration of gases and more.

Laser Components can manufacture a range of precision lenses, mirrors, protective windows and beamsplitters optimised for custom and common lidar wavelengths (1550nm, 1064nm and 532nm). These coatings can be manufactured with high laser induced damage thresholds (LiDT) for high powered lasers and are hard coated resulting in highly durable coated optics suitable for the harshest outside environment.

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