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Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, offers a variety of high-power, infrared light-emitting diodes (IRLEDs) and ultra-high-power near-infrared LED illuminators designed for military, aerospace, and defense. The devices are widely used in surveillance, night vision, and various military imaging applications.

Opto Diode products include the OD-663-850 NIR LED Illuminator with total power output from 300mW to 425 mW (typical), making it ideal for high-power, near-infrared illumination tasks. The narrow-angle of emission OD-110L and the wide-angle of emission OD-110W are ultra-high-power GaAlAs NIR emitters that feature very uniform optical beams and peak emission wavelengths of 850 nm. These reliable devices are designed to operate under harsh, extreme temperatures and rugged conditions.

Other infrared LED products, such as the narrow-angle OD-110LISOLHT and the wide-angle OD-110WISOLHT operate at 880 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 55 nm (typical). These high-power infrared emitters feature wide temperature ratings and convenient two-lead TO-39 cans with isolated cases for many critical, high-temperature lighting tasks.

The company recently introduced the highest output power available OD-669 GaAlAs IRLED illuminator with an extremely wide angle of emission. Available in a convenient TO-66 package for heatsink attach, the OD-669 is designed with nine chips connected in series. The robust device has an electrically isolated case which makes it extremely useful for covert aircraft lighting and covert anti-collision lighting in aviation applications.

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