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Jim Olson

Peak Nanosystems LLC, a nano-layered polymer film company, announces the addition of Jim Olson to Peak Nano Optics, a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on optics lenses, as the vice president of business development. Olson will be responsible for driving programs toward commercialization and gaining customers as Peak continues its growth plans.

Olson has had a strong career, leading high-tech companies focusing on complex business and technical environments that require advanced technology development and effective business development.

Past clients and employers of Olson's have included Kodak, Motorola, General Dynamics, DRS Technologies, L3 Communications, Selex Galileo. As a proven system-level thinker with deep domain expertise in optics, electronic imaging, data processing and data communication, Olson has consistently demonstrated a talent for connecting emerging opportunities with practical technical solutions.

Recognized as an industry authority with a broad network among technical and business-development experts in optical design, optics manufacturing, electronic imaging and data processing, Olson has achieved success through a balance of passion for the potential of great ideas and the practical need to show tangible results.

Olson earned a Master of Science in optics from the University of Rochester and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Wayne State University. Industry memberships include the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers and the Optical Society of America.

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