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PerkinElmer Introduces QSight 400 Series Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer has launched of its QSight 400 Series Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer, an analytical instrument designed for rapid identification and quantitation of pesticides, mycotoxins and emerging contaminants in complex food, cannabis and environmental testing applications.

For cannabis and hemp analysis, the high sensitivity of the QSight 400 Series supports laboratories in meeting state and federal regulations. PerkinElmer has developed a single LC/MS/MS method that meets pesticide and mycotoxin regulatory requirements — at levels well below state action limits, including California’s. Preliminary studies in cannabis flower, extracts and edibles also demonstrate the QSight 400 Series’ ability to meet new federal regulations in Canada, which set action limits nearly 10 times lower than California’s stringent list. 

The QSight 400 Series not only offers capabilities to meet regulatory and market requirements but also pairs with PerkinElmer’s deep domain expertise and complementary detection technologies, software and laboratory services.

While traditional analytical methods leverage a two-system technology approach of GC-MS/MS and LC/MS/MS, the QSight 400 Series instead utilizes an LC/MS/MS method with electrospray ionization (ESI) and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization (APCI) for low level analysis of pesticides and mycotoxins. Using dual source (ESI/APCI) technology eliminates the need for any other analytical method, including GC/MS/MS, and enables five times greater detection capabilities than current industry methods, according to the company.

Key features of the QSight 400 Series include:

  • Patented StayClean and hot-surface-induced desolvation (HSID) technology reduces the amount of scheduled cleaning and maintenance, helping to improve throughput by 15%.
  • Dual Source technology offering two separate independent ion inlets, which can be set to ESI and APCI sources — enabling the detection of a wider list of contaminants, including chlordane and pentachloronitrobenzene.

PerkinElmer also provides complementary laboratory services that help increase productivity and operational uptime:

  • Complete Standard Operating Procedures – outlining required sample preparation procedures, acquisition methods and consumables, for quick GC-MS, LC-MS and ICP-MS implementation.
  • Team of services professionals — offering analytical method services, asset procurement and disposition, business intelligence, qualification and validation, lab relocation as well as instrument service and repair.

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