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Photonics Online Meetings #2, on December 3 is organized so that those in the photonics industry can find network and business actions. There will be the opportunity for specialists of the photonics industry to interact throughout the webinars and conferences.

A varied program, presentations by experts

Hamamatsu France " Laser Driven Light Source: A revolutionary single-light source technology "; Idil Fibres Optiques " Photonics and spectral technologies. When Christmas is sounded by light, from ultraviolet to infrared..."; Le Verre Fluoré " La technologie verre fluoré face aux défis du XXIème siècle "; Photon Lines " eyeMotion : multi-camera acquisition platform, hardware control and image processing for customized vision solutions"; Polytec France "Photonic solutions developed to meet the needs of industrial and laboratory users for analysis, evaluation and diagnosis"; Sphere Ultrafast Photonics "d-scan: how to imrove your femtosecond lasers and their applications"; but also presentations from Horiba and Iberoptics Sistemas Opticos will be presented.

The interventions of Jean-Luc Beylat (Nokia) on behalf of Horizon Europe and Photonics21 on "Photonics as a critical Key Enabling Technology for Europe's Technological Sovereignty", of Jan-Erik Källhammer (Veoneer"Photonics within mobility" and of Business France on the Chinese market are also worth noting. Full program available online.

Networking between sessions

Free for delegates, a "networking" option is now available and will allow you to network with any participant who would accept it on the day (chat or video-room) between sessions.

To be part of this essential day of photonics, registers on the Photonics Online Meetings #2 website.

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