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Anasys Instruments NanoIR2 AFM-based IR spectrometer system

Anasys Instruments is featuring the NanoIR2 AFM spectrometer at Pittcon 2014, which is taking place this week at McCormick Place (booth 1335) in Chicago, Illinois (US). The NanoIR2, a second-generation atomic force microscopy (AFM)-based infrared (IR) spectroscopy (AFM-IR) platform. A key breakthrough is the NanoIR2’s ability to operate with top-side illumination, eliminating the prior need to prepare samples on a zinc-selenide (ZnSe) prism and enabling measurements on a much more diverse set of samples. AFM-IR measurements have now been demonstrated on a broad range of samples including semiconductor devices, thin films, nano-composites, data storage samples, minerals, tissue sections and polymer blends. In addition, the NanoIR2 provides the new resonance-enhanced mode, which significantly increases the sensitivity of the technique and enables AFM-IR measurements on samples of sub-20 nanometres (nm) in thickness.

The NanoIR2 system combines the nano-scale spatial resolution capabilities of a powerful full-featured AFM with IR spectroscopy’s ability for chemical characterisation and identification. It provides spectra that demonstrate correlation with bulk Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra and can be imported into standard FTIR databases for sample component identification. Users of the NanoIR2 platform can quickly survey regions of a sample via AFM and then rapidly acquire high-resolution chemical spectra at the selected regions or acquire high-resolution chemical images at a fixed wavelength. Mechanical and thermal properties, such as local thermal transitions, may also be mapped with nano-scale resolution. The technology is protected by multiple US and foreign patents.

NanoIR2 measurements on layers in a semiconductor device. The analysis reveals variations in chemical composition not measurable by conventional IR microscopy.

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