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Aurea Technology Quantum Optics Instruments

AUREA Technology is exhibiting a fully comprehensive suite of the essential quantum optics instruments for novel quantum optical systems at booth # 959 at the SPIE Photonics West 2019.

AUREA Technology offers well-thought, self-contained and easy-to-use Quantum optics building-blocks dedicated to the development of novel Quantum optical systems, such as:

  • The CHRONOXEA is the newly introduced timing-resolved module which provides four channels inputs with timing resolution in the picosecond range,
  • The SPD_OEM is a highly-sensitive, very-low-noise, and very compact Single Photon counting module designed for the detection of ultra-low-level of light down to the single photon,
  • The LYNXEA is a “all-in-one” Time-resolved Single Photon Counting module, which fully integrates two independent Single Photon counters and the timing electronics,
  • The TPS is a high-brightness Twin Photon Source which emits parallel or orthogonal polarization twin photon pairs.

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