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SCHOTTs high-performance glass-based diffusers radiate laser light extremely homogeneously and efficiently Photo SCHOTT

International technology group SCHOTT brings innovation to the market with a performance profile unseen to date: glass-based laser-diffusing materials that radiate light extremely homogeneously and boast very high optical efficiency of more than 80%. 

“Our customers want to transport light from their laser light source to the point of action,” says Juergen Hammerschmidt, head of new business development at SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging. “Technically speaking, they need qualified diffusion of laser energy. The excellent radiation homogeneity and optical efficiency of the diffusers has been verified through extensive testing, proving the capabilities of our material.”

The diffusers made in Germany also support high-power throughput of up to 20 W while keeping heat emissions low. This throughput outperforms other diffuser materials on the market. 

Various geometries available

  • Cylindrical diffusers, typically 5 mm to 50 mm in length, radiate light to the side but not the front, with a power output of up to 500 mW/cm. Directed or sectional radiation profiles are also possible. Typical applications are photodynamic and photoimmuno therapy. 
  • Front-emitting diffusers radiate light only from the tip. Optical components can be combined with the fiber to achieve a specific light homogeneity or beam shape. These diffusers can be used for various medical applications. Customized shapes are available upon request. 
  • Spherical diffusers with a typical diameter of 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm are composed of a fiber with a ball-shaped tip and are used for laser-induced thermal therapies. SCHOTT’s glass-based materials offer extremely homogeneous radiation characteristics and support power up to 20 W. 
  • Special-shaped diffuser solutions are also available.

Full range of services

SCHOTT offers a full range of services along the development pipeline: from early-stage development, component design and prototyping, application engineering, customization and micro-assembly to high volume serial production. 

“If you need flexible laser beam or laser light diffuser solutions, think SCHOTT,” Hammerschmidt adds. “We encourage prospects to approach us early on to explain their needs so that we can cooperate closely to develop a customized solution.” 

SCHOTT looks back on more than 50 years of experience in the medical device industry. The company’s production sites for medical components are certified according to ISO 13485 and are FDA registered. 

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