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Schott flexible glass

SCHOTT offers the industry’s most flexible glass, with a bending radius lower than 2 mm and thicknesses less than a human hair after processing.

Besides its outstanding flexibility, Xensation® Flex can be chemically toughened. This makes it a suitable material for flip phones, which require both flexible and strong displays. The high-transparency of Xensation Flex makes it a premium option to create high-end user experience.

SCHOTT, the inventor of specialty glass, is pushing the boundaries of human imagination with its flexible glass line-up. The international technology group now introduces Xensation Flex, the most flexible ultra-thin glass that is available in mass production. The new flexible cover glass product line-up offers breathtaking bending radii below 2 mm after processing and is an addition to the company’s Xensation® high-performance glass portfolio.

New Xensation Flex is ultra-thin glass (UTG) that is flexible enough to bend around one’s finger after processing and available in mass production.

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