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Based in France, SEDI-ATI specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom made passive optical fiber components dedicated to “complex and extreme environments”. The company plans to launch at Photonics West show 2020 three new systems lines, FCXtreme, NANOXtreme and Fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs.

FCXtreme is a high-performance versatile and compact FC type connector qualified for military and space flight applications. Fully compatible with the FC J.I.S. standard, the FCXtreme connector shows outstanding performances in harsh environments. So far it has been qualified for operation under shocks and vibration conditions as well as under dynamic variations of the temperature from -55 °C to +125 °C, without affecting its performances. Therefore SEDI-ATI can guaranty variations of less than 1 dB in insertion loss. Besides, the FCXtreme connector is resistant to corrosive and vacuum environments. The compact FC connector is smaller than conventional FC connectors, which opens new perspectives of usage.


ANOXtreme is a miniature optical connector qualified for military and aeronautics applications where high levels of performance, compact dimensions, and low weight are critical. The NANOXtreme connector represents the very highest level of technical achievement. It provides high performance, maximum reliability and a high protection level for use in harsh environments, with a reduced size. It does not require any adaptor. It establishes a secure point-to-point optical connection as short as 36 mm in length and as small as 6 mm in diameter. As a result, it opens a broad range of new opportunities to bring light in extremely complex and compact applications.

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Fiber-optic ribbon hermetic feedthroughs specifically designed for vacuum applications where many fibers are required in a compact assembly.  The fiber-optic ribbon is hermetically sealed on a CF or KF flange. It is delivered with a test report ensuring a high level of hermeticity with an helium leak test better than 10-8 mbar.l/s. The feedthrough allows to transport up to 2 ribbons of 12 fibers each, i.e. 24 fibers upstream and downstream. The ribbons are protected by an inox tubing and terminated with MTP connectors with either 12 or 24 fiber arrays, male or female according to the application.

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