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Sensata at Frankfurt Auto Show

Sensata Technologies, a provider of sensors to the automotive, heavy vehicle, aerospace and industrial industries, is showcasing some of its latest sensor technologies for connectivity, electrification and automated driving at this week's Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA).

A new solid-state LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor for highly automated driving cars is the feature of Sensata's exhibit. LiDAR is critical to the development of autonomous and highly automated driving vehicles and essential for the reliable detection and classification of objects in a vehicle's path. Developed in partnership with Quanergy Systems, an innovator in the field of solid-state LiDAR sensors, the S3 sensor will be on display.

The S3 LiDAR sensor from Sensata and Quanergy uses the Optical Phased Array principle to scan the field of view and is a scanning LiDAR sensor with no moving parts, thereby contributing to increased reliability of the automated driving system. Another advantage of the S3 sensor is the ability to scan areas of interest within the field of view on demand through dynamic laser beam positioning without having to go through the entire field of view sequentially.

Sensata is also highlighting some examples of its suite of vehicle health management sensors at its booth located in the IAA New Mobility World - Hall 3.1, Booth B.23.

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