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Senso Optics, a specialist in the design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies, announces the development of the “Thermal camera on Chip” for the Advanced Driver Assistance System. ADAS is a driver warning system, designed to reduce accidents and lane departures by alerting the driver. ADAS also includes advanced features such as active braking and steering assistance. The new Application Specific (ASIC) thermal system includes a smaller, less weight, power and price (SWaP-P) thermal miniature camera module with high sensitivity.

Today, most of the existing ADAS systems either support day drive only or in the case of all-weather day/night proposed systems based on advanced technologies (e.g., LIDAR in “Google car”), the technology price tag is huge. Senso Optics offers the ADAS to be able to support day, night and adverse weather conditions. The system could even cope with extreme conditions as heavy fog, smoke and smog. The system identifies live figures as human, animal or crossing pedestrian, which enables the driver to drive more safely with more reliable warnings at a lower false-alarm rate.

Senso Optics has recently revealed its high-end uncooled thermal camera, the Thermal Vision System (TVS) for the Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for commercial aircraft pilots’ situational awareness, safe taxiing, takeoff and landing.

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