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Level 5 Control Tower LV5 CTRL TWR, a mesh network of sensors and computers on infrastructure that guides vehicles autonomously without requiring that sensors be placed on individual vehicles

Seoul Robotics, the 3D perception solution company using deep learning AI to power the future of mobility, today announced that it will exhibit at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from January 5-7, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth #6559.

On the heels of a year with significant growth in 2021, Seoul Robotics will spotlight its industry-leading technology fueled by SENSR™, the company’s sensor-agnostic 3D perception platform which is currently being implemented across multiple industries and verticals.

"Last year, Seoul Robotics was able to shape the way the world sees and uses 3D perception, disrupting the industry and experiencing unprecedented growth. At CES, we will showcase our revolutionary technology and the pioneering partners who are leveraging it to make our world safer, smarter, and more efficient,” says HanBin Lee, CEO and Co-Founder of Seoul Robotics.

Live demonstrations of SENSR will be held within the CES booth to provide visitors insight into advancements and application capabilities of the agnostic software, utilizing sensors from Velodyne, Hesai, Ouster and AEye. This will be expanded upon through showcases of key projects and partnerships which utilize the technology to deliver highly accurate, dependable solutions across autonomy through infrastructure, mobility, and smart infrastructure.

At the show, Seoul Robotics will unveil its most advanced autonomy through infrastructure solution, a revolutionary level 5 autonomy system currently deployed by a leading OEM. Seoul Robotics has also developed solutions deployed in the smart spaces, security, retail, smart cities and ITS spaces through smart infrastructure partnerships with Skyfii, Evitado, SAIMOS, Milestone, 6SS, The University of Tennessee Chattanooga’s Center for Urban Informatics and Progress (UTC - CUIP) and MH Corbin. Seoul Robotics will showcase the growing partnership with UTC - CUIP including the award-winning MLK Smart Corridor, a first-of-its-kind testbed utilizing 3D technology to understand pedestrian safety in high-traffic areas.

Security technology is another expanding field for 3D perception technology that the company will preview at CES. Seoul Robotics maintains a partnership with global software company Skyfii for a security and occupancy venue system which has seen an integration of technology to improve crowd control. Additionally, two companies - ecosystem partner 6SS and SAIMOS®, Situational Awareness, Infrastructure Management & Operations Security - will demonstrate their plug-in integration with the Milestone Systems XProtect® VMS platform. 6SS enables a deeper understanding of activity within highly customized “zones” to track and detect objects, occupancy, movement, and speed while minimizing the number of false positives. SAIMOS helps customers combine the advantages of complex technologies (LiDAR, AI Video Analytics, VMS & GIS) available to users in the simplest possible way in order to be effective to enable situational awareness. Smart Infrastructure applications enabling safer roads, highways and airports will be highlighted, including a joint aviation system with Evitado to decrease aircraft ground collisions, along with intelligent transportation system partner MH Corbin providing roadway information in real time with traffic flow and vehicle counting advanced metrics.

Furthermore, the CES booth will provide insight into additional industry-leading partnerships within transportation mobility including Herzog and HL Klemove. Announced earlier this year, the partnership with HL Klemove combines SENSR with the OE automotive parts manufacturer’s smart sensors to deliver an all-in-one, hardware-software 3D sensor solution for mobility applications spanning autonomous vehicles, smart cities, smart factories and unmanned robots. Also included in the exhibit is Seoul Robotics’ advanced rail solution with Herzog. Utilizing long-range perception to detect items on tracks, the system can perceive an obstacle and communicate with a train allowing it to slow down in time to reduce impact and increase survivability.

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