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Lightfair International 2019

Seoul Semiconductor, a leading global innovator of LED products and technology, is a sponsor and exhibitor at LIGHTFAIR International 2019, scheduled for May 19 – 23 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Seoul Semiconductor will exhibit in Booth #3101, and is sponsoring the LFI2019 “My Headshot” lounge, where all attendees can receive a professionally photographed portrait, illuminated by SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs in Booth #5734.

The interactive workshop, scheduled for Sunday, May 19 from 9am to 12noon, promises to provide a detailed understanding of the recently-introduced international standard CIE DIS 026/E:2018 “CIE System for Metrology of Optical Radiation for ipRGC-Influenced Responses to Light.” Participants will do real-world, hands-on characterization and measurement of melanopic stimulus through the use of M-EDI (D65) and the equivalent melanopic lux (EML), an alternate metric that is weighted toward the eyes’ non-image-forming receptors – intrinsically photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cells (ipRGCs) – instead of conventional lux which are weighted to the eyes’ visual photoreceptors. Participants in the workshop will receive three continuing education units (CEUs).

Exhibiting together with Seoul at LIGHTFAIR is Sensor Electronics Technology, Inc, (SETi), a division of Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys, and a global innovator of UV LED products and technology. They will showcase the LED industry’s first product line encompassing the entire UV spectrum from 225nm to 405nm, developed for a range of applications, including horticultural lighting to enhance plant growth cycles and control diseases.

“The week prior to LIGHTFAIR, we are sponsoring a webinar on the use of UV-B LEDs to increase secondary plant metabolites, increase resiliency to powdery mildew and mold, and extend the post-harvest shelf life of produce,” explained Dr. Peter Barber, director of business development for SETi and Seoul Viosys in the Americas. The one-hour webinar, entitled "Next Evolution in Horticulture Lighting," is scheduled for Thursday, May 14 at 2pm EST, and registration is free.

“Seoul Semiconductor is once again sponsoring LIGHTFAIR’s “Headshot Lounge,” where attendees can get a free, professional headshot taken, courtesy of Seoul Semiconductor,” noted Andrew Smith, marketing manager for Seoul Semiconductor. “We believe this to be the first time that the SunLike Series LEDs have been used in a professional photography lighting application.” The Headshot Lounge is located in Booth #5734, and is open for the duration of the exhibit hours.

The SunLike Series natural spectrum LEDs, which produce light that closely matches the spectrum of sunlight, will be featured at LIGHTFAIR with a special room in the Seoul booth room dedicated to presenting the SunLike Series LED experience. The Seoul booth will also feature complimentary coffee.

Seoul Semiconductor is exhibiting in Booth #3101.

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