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SmartSens, a global supplier of high-performance CMOS image sensors, today announced DSI pixel, as SmartSens' latest enhanced SmartPixel technology, at ISC West 2019.

DSI pixel is the next-generation sensor technology provided by SmartSens that gives customers better image performance, faster time to market and higher cost effectiveness, compared to previous technologies. Additionally, the DSI pixel technology innovatively integrates SmartSens' design and pixel process knowledge into the foundry service by DB HiTek.

The DSI pixel technology has surpassed both FSI and BSI in terms of performance. Equipped with SmartSens' advanced sensor design architecture, the DSI pixel has significantly improved image performance across metrics. While compared to the current SmartPixel FSI performance, the DSI pixel excels in sensitivity improvement and dark current reduction by 2x and 5x respectively. When compared to a different vendor's BSI sensor performance, SmartSens' DSI technology offers enhanced SNR1 and read noise performance.

Particularly, the DSI pixel technology benefits video applications that require ultra-clear images in low light settings and those that call for continuous usage in harsh environments for mission-critical, 24/7 operations, such as security surveillance, AIoT and smart home applications.

SmartSens will demonstrate its highly selected line of innovative products designed for security and surveillance at meeting room Casanova 605 in the Sands Expo Center from April 10 to 11 during ISC West 2019. 

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