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Source Photonics and Huawei showcase PAM4-based optical technologies

Source Photonics, a provider of optical transceivers, partners with telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei in showcasing the 50G and 400G optical transceivers based on PAM4 technology. The companies joined the Ethernet Alliance Interoperability Demonstration at ECOC in Rome, Italy, on 24â€"26 September 2018. The demonstration consisted of multiple 400G and 50G links among participating network and test equipment manufacturers, including Huawei.

The demand for bandwidth is continuously rising as new technologies such as AI, virtual reality, Internet of Things, and 5G drive the need for faster transmission speeds in the network. Moreover, the rapid growth of network traffic increases the challenges brought by heat dissipation and power supply in the equipment rooms. This leads to more expensive construction costs which makes network migration and expansion impractical.

Source Photonics is working with Huawei in providing operators an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technology. The companies took the initiative this year in driving the development of optical modules based on 50G PAM4 technology. The PAM4 technology coupled with faster Baud rates and higher density transceiver types are enabling 400G, which is known to be key in migrating to higher speed networks. 

Source Photonics´ 400G CFP8 supports the IEEE 400GBASE-LR8 optical standard and 400GAUI-16 electrical interface. The module operates from 0° C to 70° C and complies with the CFP8 MSA and allows connections of up to 10 km. The 50G LR QSFP28 uses a DML laser with mature TO package as a cost-effective solution for network migration. This product will be available for purchase this month and will also be key in enabling 5G commercialization and other services requiring higher network bandwidth.

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