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Top row, left to right Alonso, Snik, Capasso, Kahr Bottom row Germer, Ramella-Roman, Novikova

On 29 September, SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, will introduce the Henri Poincaré Webinar Series on Optical Polarization and Related Phenomena via its SPIE.Online program.

The brainchild of Thomas A. Germer, a physicist and leader of the Surface and Interface Metrology Group, Sensor Science Division, at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), this interdisciplinary series will bring together speakers from across the globe to explore topics derived from Henri Poincaré's work on optical polarization. The interactive investigations will also demonstrate contemporary applications of polarization techniques in various research areas and how they relate to each other, and are extended, for example, to non-paraxial optics.

With its commitment to extensive Q & A sessions, this series has a particular focus on engendering new collaborations and research opportunities for scientists in relevant fields. "The reason I chose polarization science for this SPIE-hosted webinar series, is that this topic extends across nearly all of photonics," notes Germer. "Optical radiation is a vector field! And while there are conferences scattered around the world specifically related to certain aspects of polarization, they are often tied to specific applications whether those might be materials science, remote sensing, biomedical optics, or astronomy. One of the hopes for this series is that it will allow for energetic and lively discussions. In the end, I really hope to bring the global polarization-focused community together."

Webinar facilitators are Germer, Jessica C. Ramella-Roman of Florida International University, and the École Polytechnique's Tatiana Novikova. Initial speakers scheduled to participate include their peer leaders in the polarization field:

  • Miguel Alonso, of the Institut Fresnel, on 29 September 2020
  • Federico Capasso, of Harvard University, on 27 October 2020
  • Frans Snik, of the Universiteit Leiden, on 24 November 24, 2020
  • Bart Kahr, of New York University, on 26 January 2021

For more information and to get updates regarding new speakers, dates, and times for the Henri Poincaré Webinar Series on Optical Polarization and Related Phenomena please visit its SPIE.Online page.

SPIE.Online has many virtual events planned though the coming months, with vital information and conversations covering multiple aspects of optics and photonics. Interactive opportunities include insights from key industry executives in a CEO-focused webinar series; an applied-optics series organized by Imperial College London's Jess Wade; monthly public policy updates from SPIE Government Affairs Director Jennifer O'Bryan; a variety of technical talks; optics-related COVID discussions; and professional-development and career-advancement sessions. 

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