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Sensors Unlimited 320CSX

Sensors Unlimited will feature its new 320CSX camera, the latest in its line of MicroSWIR high-performance short wave infrared (SWIR) video cameras. The low-noise, rugged SWIR camera provides customers with an unprecedented opportunity to get the size, weight, power (SWaP)
and capability of a Sensors Unlimited MicroSWIR camera at a very affordable price, and without ITAR restrictions. 
On the front end, the 320CSX offers an industry standard C-mount lens interface, which allows customers to select a myriad of commercial-off-the-shelf lens options.  On the backend, the camera offers a modular output, which will initially provide RS170 analog video or CameraLink® digital video, and RS232 command and control, but may be expanded to offer other industry standard interfaces. At its core, the 320CSX camera provides ¼ VGA resolution (320x256 pixels, 12.5µm pixel pitch), weighs less than 55 grams, measures 1.25 inches on each side, uses less than 2 W of power at 20°C, operates from -5 to 60°C case temperatures,  and provides a range of features to optimize imagery in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Like all members of the MicroSWIR product family, the 320CSX was built for rugged operation and includes the assurance of MIL-STD-810G environmental testing. 

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