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SPIE Optifab 2019

SPIE Optifab, which takes place October 14 - 17 in Rochester, New York, has issued a call for papers, with abstracts due May 1. Optifab, organized jointly by SPIE and APOMA, is the largest optical manufacturing conference and exhibition held in North America. This is the premier event to meet with top companies and to learn about the latest optical fabrication technologies.

Share your commercial product breakthroughs and research results with your target audience by presenting a technical or commercial paper.In addition to the 100 and 250-word abstracts, submissions may include a short paper offering additional details. Authors will be asked to submit manuscripts for publication by the 15 September 2019 due date. See preparation guidelines for formatting requirements online.

OPTIFAB INNOVATORS – We are seeking technical papers, new commercial technology presentations and posters in the following topics:

2019 Focus Topics:

• Automated manufacturing – Robotic assisted manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and software for the optical fabrication industry

• High-volume and high - precision optics manufacturing – Injection molding, glass molding and lithographic processes

• Next generation optical fabrication workforce – Technician training, apprenticeship programs and outreach programs New Advancements in

Foundational Optifab Topics:

• Materials and material sciences - optical glasses, polymers, crystals, infrared materials, ultraviolet materials, optical mold insert materials for glass or polymer molding, and optical adhesives

• Grinding, polishing, and new methods of surface finishing - loose and bound abrasive, CNC generation, diamond turning, ion figuring, laser polishing water-jet cutting and removal processes, laser processing, sub-aperture lap polishing and mid-spatial frequency smoothing

• Process science - materials, abrasives, coolants, tooling, for grinding and polishing that are selected for cost reduction and flow optimization

• Molding – injection molding, glass molding, tool design, mold materials,

• Design for manufacturing – optical design considerations for manufacturability including, but not limited to, material choice, error budgets, tolerances, optical standards (ISO 10110), mounting, assembly, and testing

• Metrology - interferometry, profilometry, MTF measurement, ellipsometry, scatterometry, visual inspection equipment, surface/subsurface metrology and use of alignment fiducials in measurement, manufacturing and assembly • Cleaning and Contamination – cleaning and inspection techniques, packaging, surface contamination

• Functional coating technology - all types of optical coatings on glass, metal, plastics and crystalline materials

• Opto-mechanical design - assembly, including in-line alignment/metrology, interactivity and data interfaces between optical design programs, mechanical design programs, fabrication equipment and metrology instrumentation 

Student travel grants & best paper awards

Students interested in the optics industry can gain first-hand exposure to the industry’s largest manufacturing conference and exhibition. APOMA is offering students a chance to participate in SPIE Optifab 2019 through travel grants and awards for outstanding student posters. Award winners will be chosen from the pool of qualified students. Abstract for Poster submission are due 1 May 2019, submit to Award and travel grant applications are due by 1 September 2019. For complete details, link to

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