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ST Robotics introduces the ST R18 Delta Robot System, the latest addition to its range of low-cost industrial robots.

At a cost substantially lower than other major manufacturers, the ST R18 Delta industrial robot turnkey system is based on the Igus drylin® delta robot but powered by ST's K11R robot controller resulting in much higher speeds with the ability to complete a standard 12-inch cycle in only 500 milliseconds.  ST's RoboForth software is easy to program and integrates robot motion to allow, for example, moving objects to be picked without stopping.

"We initially developed our new Delta Robot based on a request for high-speed picking and placing on recycling plant conveyors.  We married Igus' solid and well-designed modules with our high speed stepper technology to produce a simple and phenomenally reliable Delta industrial robot system.  Applications that require light and small objects to be manipulated for very short distances at very high speeds can greatly benefit from the R18 system," comments David Sands, Founder CEO at ST Robotics.

ST Robotics' low-cost entry R18 Delta industrial robot solution is tested, shipped in a special transit case, and delivered ready to run – complete with ST's controller, all cables, intuitive teach pad, Windows project manager and support for LabVIEW and MATLAB.  Options include a 4th axis rotate and various grippers.

According to a new report by, the worldwide market for Delta RоbоtÑ• �-Ñ• ехреÑtеd tо grоw аt а compound annual growth rate (CAGR) оf rоughlÑ 8.9% оvеr thе nехt tеn ÑеаrÑ•, rеаÑhing $369.9 Million in 2028.

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