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Syntec Optics Holdings, Inc., a manufacturer of optics for scientific, technical, and defense applications, today announced significant changes to its executive team aimed at enhancing its manufacturing capabilities and strategic growth.

The company appointed Mr. Al Kapoor as Chairman and CEO to steer its strategy, including potential acquisitions, leveraging his extensive experience in the industry and past success in integrating acquisitions into Syntec Optics.

Mr. Kapoor, who has been with the company for over three decades, holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an MS in Engineering from Iowa State University. His vision for the company includes a focus on optics and photonics applications across various sectors.

In parallel, Mr. Joe Mohr assumes the role of Chief Manufacturing Officer, with a mandate to drive sales, business development, and customer manufacturing excellence. Mr. Mohr's experience spans 29 years at Syntec Optics, during which he has led engineering efforts and product development, most recently serving as CEO.

This organizational shift is expected to enhance the company's capacity to launch new products and meet rising customer demand, particularly for mission-critical supplies.

Syntec Optics, based in Rochester, NY, is recognized as one of the largest custom optics and photonics manufacturers in the United States. It has recently introduced a range of new products, including optics for Low Earth Orbit satellites, lightweight night vision goggles, biomedical equipment, and precision microlens arrays.

Operating for more than two decades, Syntec Optics has established a vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturing facility, which it considers a competitive advantage for serving OEMs in mission-critical applications.

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