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Teledyne e2v Announces 11-mp CMOS Image Sensor for High-Speed Applications

Teledyne e2v, a Teledyne Technologies company and imaging solutions provider, is expanding its Lince family of image sensors with a new 11-megapixel detector. Lince11M is a new CMOS image sensor designed for applications that require 4K resolution at very high shutter speed. This standard sensor combines 4K resolution at 710 fps in APS-C format. 

Lince11M can be used for in-line inspection to increase manufacturing throughput or with strobed lighting for multispectral imaging or multi-field (bright-field, dark-field, backlight) imaging, and serve as an alternative to line-scan sensors to improve defect classification where uniform image sharpness across all directions is critical.

Lince11M takes advantage of the APS-C format and is compatible with standard optics. The 11M serves as the higher-resolution member to the Lince family of high-speed CMOS image sensors offering resolutions of 1.3 mp, 5 mp and 6 mp.

Key features

  • Global shutter CMOS pixel (6 μm x 6 μm)
  • APS-C optical format in 4K resolution
  • 700fps in 4K resolution, 1400 fps in full HD resolution
  • Large full well capacity to maximize SNR in shot noise limited application
  • High peak quantum efficiency of 60% QE

Samples available in March 2019.

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