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Teledyne FLIR made available today the FLIR Vue TZ20-R, a high resolution, thermal zoom gimbal, purpose-built for the DJI V2 Matrice 200 Series and Matrice 300 airframes and includes radiometry to measure the temperature of every pixel in the scene. Featuring two 640x512 resolution FLIR Boson thermal camera modules, with one providing a narrow-field-of-view (18 degrees) and the other a wide-field-of-view (95 degrees), the Vue TZ20-R provides even greater situational awareness, accuracy, and context by offering more pixels on target with the corresponding temperature data. 

Search and Inspect More Area in Less Time

IP44 rated to provide operability in poor weather conditions and weighing just 640 grams (1.4 lbs.), the dual thermal camera system offers unmatched thermal zoom performance at five times, 10 times, and 20 times digital zoom for a variety of public safety and industrial missions. The dual Boson camera modules also provide four times more radiometric pixels on target at every zoom level versus all competitors, empowering pilots to scan and survey large areas quickly, all while preserving flight time and maintaining a safe standoff distance. 

Utility, roofing, solar farm, and other industrial inspectors can achieve unmatched clarity from a safe distance. Emergency response pilots in search and rescue, law enforcement, firefighting, and public safety, can also more easily search for and observe in silence while using the thermal zoom to reduce false positives and make critical decisions faster. 

Operators can use in-app features, such as isotherms to automatically detect temperatures of interest, ideal for industrial inspection and public safety where quickly spotting anomalies is mission critical. 

Plug-and-Play Setup and Operation

The TZ20-R offers simplified operation and payload connection via the Skyport V2.0 gimbal on the DJI Matrice 300 or V2 Matrice 200 series. Thermal video and still-image data can be recorded on dual microSD cards along with the ability to stream thermal video mid-flight. Post mission, operators can export the data to FLIR Thermal Studio and third-party data processing software for in-depth analysis and review. 

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