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Teledyne Photometrics, a part of Teledyne Technologies, announces the release of the Retiga E9 camera that can capture exposures from tens of microseconds to tens of minutes, delivering detailed, high-resolution images without extraneous noise. With its stacked CMOS sensor technology developed by Sony, the E9’s square pixel array with 3.76 µm pixels and high dynamic range (>80 dB) combine to create a sensitive, versatile, and cost-effective low noise camera ready for integration or benchtop use.

With a combination of low readout noise, high quantum efficiency, small pixel size, and large full well capacity the Retiga E9 is an ideal solution for imaging low-light signals for the extended periods of time required in gel documentation, DNA and RNA sequencing, qPCR, fluorescence/phosphorescence imaging, and general microscopy applications. The 9-megapixel, 3k x 3k array matches the field of view of many scientific imaging instruments, microscopes, and other C-mount-based optical systems.

The Retiga E platform, using the Teledyne Photometrics Citadel Sensor Chamber, isolates the sensor from the environment and allows air cooling down to below -20° C. The platform is designed for easy device integration into instrumentation, with a compact form factor, USB 3.2 10Gbs data communication, and long camera lifetime.

“The Retiga E platform outperforms many scientific CMOS cameras available today. The Retiga E9, with smaller pixels, captures better resolution at low magnification. Additionally, the dynamic range of Retiga E cameras is better than most scientific CMOS cameras, even when compared to those with larger pixels.  And most scientific CMOS cameras are limited to seconds of exposure due to dark current, not the tens of minutes possible with the Retiga E9. This makes the Retiga E9 one of the most flexible and powerful cooled CMOS cameras available today,” states Product Manager Phil Allen, PhD.

Teledyne Photometrics to showcase the Retiga E9, along with other products, at the upcoming Society for Neuroscience exhibition in Washington, DC, November 12-15.

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