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Tomocube has taken steps to enhance the global support available to users of its holotomography microscopes during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic with the appointment of additional distributors. European support in the Czech Republic and Slovakia will now be offered by SVEN BioLabs s.r.o. while a new primary distributor in Japan, Shinkou Seiki Co. Ltd., will manage and expand the existing dealer network.

According to Aubrey Lambert, Tomocube’s Chief Marketing Officer, “I am delighted to welcome Shinkou Seiki and SVEN BioLabs to our comprehensive global network of specialist imaging companies. Representing some of the world’s finest microscopy and imaging companies, this 26-strong group supports the sales and maintenance of Tomocube’s unique holotomography microscopes in North America, Europe, and Australasia. Each has invested significantly in demonstration facilities that are at the disposal of researchers and scientists whenever the specific Covid-related guidance of individual countries allows.

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