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At this year’s Photonics West taking place in San Francisco from Jan 25th -27th TOPTICA eagleyard will introduce the µMOPA to the world. Nominated as SPIE Prism award finalist, its developers managed to create a unique product to bridge the gap between science and industry:

For the first time a DBR laser and tapered amplifier are monolithically integrated on a chip with a standard 14 pin butterfly package, the company reports. As a result, the complexity for usage is reduced significantly. In addition, the product is easily mountable due to the use of standard sockets while the circular beam profile is especially beneficial for fiber coupling and focusing. The µMOPA will mainly be used in Raman spectroscopy and interferometry. Researchers at universities and institutes will benefit from this new variant as MOPA systems are more easily built up. In addition, the ease of use and the robustness of the package as protection against environmental influences enable a scalability for industry usage so that this innovation will lead to outstanding results and new applications along the value chain. 

Major performance indicators are:

• 1064 nm • High output power (2 W)

• Small spectral width (typ. 3 pm)

• 14 pin butterfly package

• Very good SMSR (typ. > 50 dB)

• Integrated beam collimation

• Low residual divergence

• Integrated thermal management by thermoelectric cooler and thermistor

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