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Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies  company and global leader in industrial vision solutions, is pleased to announce its newest smart system, VICORE.

This flexible system offers excellent performance for inspection applications using traditional 2D, thermal, and 3D imaging or a combination thereof. Its small, book-style format consumes minimal cabinet space and provides convenient, front-accessible connections for cameras, I/O and system components. This includes a dedicated industrial Ethernet port that offers efficient communication with complementary factory devices using Ethernet/IP or Profinet. VICORE can be setup and deployed as a standalone system, with attached HDMI display and keyboard, or as a remotely accessible networked device through its LAN port.

To maximize user and application reach, VICORE offers a choice of embedded application software. New users, or users of Teledyne smart camera technology, can be up and running in minutes with their easy-to-use iNspect software. For users that need additional flexibility or customization, Teledyne’s flagship Sherlock 7 software has them covered. For users looking to measure height features using 3D profile sensors, our newly released Sherlock 8 software will do the trick. Sherlock 8 expands on Sherlock 7 capabilities and offers improved ease-of-use.         

VICORE is the smart choice for:

  • Dual camera applications
  • Low-cost high resolution (up to 25 Megapixel) applications
  • Thermal applications using Teledyne Calibir™ cameras
  • 3D applications using Teledyne Z-Trak™ profile sensors
  • Surface applications using Genie™ Nano with multi-segment lighting (Shape from Shading)

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