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Universal Additive Manufacturing Laser Control Module

Thanks to constant power densities, lower drift values, powerful scanners and dynamically adjustable spot diameters, the new Additive Manufacturing Module (AM Module) from Raylase offers a universal solution for manufacturers of 3D printing systems. Due to the compact design, up to four AM Modules can be operated simultaneously over one build area to accelerate the manufacturing process and create production redundancy.

Whether you have a batch size-1, complex components or have demanding requirements in terms of precision and stability — additive manufacturing opens up a number of options, both in Industry 4.0 and for aircraft and automobile construction. 

A module for a 3D manufacturing method

With this manufacturing method, often referred to as 3D printing or selective laser melting or selective laser sintering, a thin layer of powdered raw material (such as metal) is first spread over a working field or build area. Then a high power laser beam scans very rapidly over the powder following a precisely defined path, melding it together with the layer lying below it to form a solid material. After multiple layers are deposited, a three-dimensional object gradually emerges.

The potential that can be achieved with this process depends, above all, on accurate control of the laser source, as well as deflection and focusing of the laser beam. The AM Module from Raylase takes this process to a higher level and is based on the Superscan IV and Superscan V laser deflection units developed by Raylase with ultra-light mirrors, and powerful galvanometers with 100% digital control, enabling exceptionally dynamic beam guidance and extremely high accelerations. The absolute repetition accuracy in the high-performance version is 2.96 µm.

During the sintering process, the focal length for the laser beam changes within the working field. However, the optical elements in the linear translator module ensure precise focusing of the laser beam at all times. They enable dynamic adjustment of spot size and guarantee homogeneous light densities within the spot.

Combining up to four AM Modules

A single AM Module can process a build area of up to 500 mm x 500 mm. Thanks to the high degree of working accuracy, up to four AM Modules can be run simultaneously, either resulting in a total combined build area of up to 800 mm x 800 mm or by making the manufacturing process up to four times faster. With a maximum laser power of 3 kW, the AM Module can also be used in the area of overlay welding or direct energy deposition.

The AM Module can also be enhanced with an optional sensor module. In this module, containing cameras continuously monitor and document the process and component quality with resolutions of up to 15 µm. In addition, they enable ongoing calibration of laser beam guidance over the working field to optimize repetition accuracy.

Alternatively, broadband detecting sensors such as photo diodes and pyrometers for measuring light intensity or temperature can be easily integrated.

The new AM Module from Raylase therefore represents a solution for a range of applications in the area of additive manufacturing.

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