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Viavi Solutions Inc. announced the launch of the MicroNIR PAT-Ux, the newest addition to the MicroNIR family of ultra-compact, high-performance miniature NIR spectrometers for advanced material analysis. The PAT-Ux is safe in the presence of flammable gases, vapors, fibers, or dust, allowing users to move processes developed in the lab directly to production in hazardous locations.

Like its companion MicroNIR PAT instrument, the PAT-Ux enables real-time monitoring of drying, blending, and granulation/tableting operations. The $400M market for near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) continues to grow, driven by several factors including regulatory initiatives, productivity demands in food and feed production, and technological advances in NIRS. The MicroNIR PAT products – PAT-W, PAT-U, and PAT-Ux – are designed specifically to support these applications and further accelerate market growth.

The MicroNIR PAT-Ux is ATEX, NEC, and IECEx certified for chemical, agriculture, food and feed applications. Derived from the popular MicroNIR PAT-U (designed for ordinary locations), the PAT-Ux is initially being deployed by VIAVI customers to monitor fluid bed drying in pharmaceutical manufacturing, flour analysis and processing, and explosives manufacturing. The instrument kit includes the MicroNIR Pro Software suite, a complete and easy-to-use chemometric modeling package that enables customers to build their own solutions.

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