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Viavi Solutions Inc. today introduced the MicroNIR PAT-L and PAT-Lx (PAT-L/Lx) near infrared spectrometers for in-line liquid process monitoring. The PAT-L/Lx extends the MicroNIR product line of compact near infrared spectrometers for real-time, rapid process monitoring. The PAT-L is built for ordinary process locations, while the PAT-Lx is designed specifically for hazardous locations (ATEX, NEC, and IECEx certified).

The increasing need for state-of-the-art quality control and assurance is driving global demand for rapid and reliable near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy under varying conditions, locations and applications, across a range of market sectors – pharmaceutical, agriculture, healthcare, and food and beverage. As companies continue to innovate and applications become more challenging, the new MicroNIR PAT-L/Lx spectrometers provide a reliable, cost-efficient solution to accelerate product development and production.

The MicroNIR PAT-L/Lx is the only fully integrated NIR liquid probe system on the market, providing valuable end-user benefits including:

No fiber optics. The absence of fiber optics eliminates complex installations where fragile cable(s) must be run to a remote benchtop spectrometer, avoiding downtime and costly repairs and replacements due to wear or damage.

Zero maintenance. The PAT-L/Lx spectrometer engine has no moving parts, no free space optics, is highly stable over time, and is intrinsically free of maintenance and maintenance costs compared to Fourier Transform (FT) and scanning-based benchtop systems. The PAT-L/Lx eliminates the need for costly laser maintenance, alignment, and recalibration due to drift over time.

Fast and accurate. The MicroNIR PAT-L/Lx are optimized for in situ liquid monitoring, with less than one second acquisition time while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for the most demanding applications. Scanning and FT-systems require multiple seconds to yield an adequate SNR and often cannot keep pace with fast-changing reaction processes and flow streams.

Lower cost. MicroNIR products offer a lower total cost of ownership than competitive systems for single-point or widely distributed multipoint measurements.

The new PAT-L and PAT-Lx extend the innovative VIAVI MicroNIR process product line for liquid analysis, which provides a scalable multi-point monitoring solution that doesn’t rely on central multiplexing systems, which are prone to maintenance, failure, and production downtime. NIR spectroscopy is widely used for in-line process monitoring and quality control, and the new PAT immersion product line offers the industry-leading benefits of VIAVI MicroNIR technology designed for process liquid analysis. The unique all-in-one design removes the need for fiber optics and moving parts, providing maintenance-free operation with extraordinary long-term stability and high performance at a low total cost of ownership.

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