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VISION 2018 Gardasoft Vision introduces lighting controller -- here, the RT200

In addition to the announcement of a new lighting controller, Gardasoft Vision will be presenting a number of new demonstrations to illustrate the power of machine vision sequencing and control technologies at VISION 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany. These will cover computational imaging, ultrafast focusing, OEM controllers and multi-light line scan stations. The new lighting controller will open up new illumination possibilities that will further contribute towards novel machine vision solutions.

VISION provides the first chance to see the application of Gardasoft’s RTCC series of lighting controllers for high-speed computational imaging. The controller will be used to drive a segmented dome light to allow a rapid sequence of images with different illumination angles to be acquired by a smart camera. The camera will use computational imaging software to extract surface detail that cannot be seen using conventional imaging methods.

Three controllers will be in action to demonstrate high-speed focusing on objects of different heights using a liquid lens from Optotune. A CC320 timing controller, positional encoder from a moving platform, camera and RC120 lighting controller will be linked together to give the required camera exposure and illumination needed for imaging. A TR-CL-180 liquid lens controller will be used for high speed adjustment of the lens for focusing. In addition there will be the chance to explore control options for OEMs through the board-level TR-100 and TR-CL-190 lighting and liquid lens controllers.

VISION will also provide the opportunity to see how multiple lights can be used with line scan cameras for the capture of image sequences under different lighting conditions. Information from different LED sources is captured on sequential lines and individual images for each source extracted using software.

Gardasoft Vision at VISION 2018: Hall 1 Stand 1E53 VISION, Messe Stuttgart, Germany, 6–8 November 2018.

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