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Following its cancellation in 2020 due to the corona virus, the high-tech specialist trade fair, W3+ Fair Rhine Valley will be hosted on 22 und 23 September 2021 in the Messequartier Dornbirn exhibition centre in Austria, signalling the start of this year's high-tech autumn event season.

The fair is a place where developers and technology providers in the optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics sectors can network and establish contacts with key application industries, such as medical technology, life sciences, mechanical engineering and automotive suppliers. Enabling technologies specialists will be joining forces, seeking to realise new technological solutions. A large number of enterprises are clearly delighted at the resumption of these in-person events, and the opportunity to make face-to-face contacts. Important regional players such as SwissOptic, Evatec, Rhysearch and CSEM from Switzerland, and Swarowski Optik from Austria, and Optics Balzers from Liechtenstein have already confirmed their attendance. And many German-based companies have also registered their interest, including Optotech and scia Systems.

A key feature of the trade fair will be the new accompanying high-tech conference programme, N-Tec Talks, which will be freely accessible to all participants. This series of events will see top-notch speakers explain trends and present product innovations, and it’s bound to be of interest to product managers, developers and buyers alike.

Strong backing from numerous trade and industry associations

A large number of associations and trade networks are on board, helping to make the fair a “must go” event for the industry. Apart from EPIC – the world's largest photonics network – Swissphotonics, the Spectaris trade association, IVAM, Spectronet, Wetzlar Network and – for the first time – OptecNet Deutschland are lending their support.

Effective safety precautions for all attendees

The rapid cessation of restrictions means that we can expect a resumption of normal trade fair activities for the end of September. As the organiser, FLEET Events and the Messequartier Dornbirn exhibition centre will jointly coordinate the hygiene measures in effect at that time. So, all attendees can look forward to a smooth, worry-free trade fair experience.

The Rhine Valley high-tech hub

The choice of the Rhine Valley venue is no accident: A region overlapping the boundaries of four countries, it has a particular focus on research & development activities, and is numbered among the Top Ten of Europe's some 1,200 high-tech hubs. It's a location where the cross-industry concept of the W3+ Fair is particularly effective. Application industries such as aerospace, the automotive industry, medical technology, life sciences, and tool-making and mechanical engineering all benefit from the multi-disciplinary interaction, just as much as the high-tech sectors themselves. The debut event in September 2019 saw more than 100 national and international exhibitors and speakers engage with over 1,200 visitors from specialist areas.

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