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With the Alvium 1800 C-2040 and Alvium 1800 C-1620 Allied Vision adds two high-performance Sony fourth generation IMX back-illuminated CMOS sensors with Pregius S global shutter technology to its Alvium Camera Series.  The Alvium 1800 CSI-2 cameras combine a compact form factor with large, high-resolution sensors to offer the highest possible resolutions in such a small housing.

CSI-2 cameras with high quality Sony sensors

The Alvium 1800 C-2040 combines a square sensor format with a C-mount in a sugar cube housing and is an ideal choice for microscopy applications. It features the 20.4 MP Sony IMX541 sensor enabling a frame rate of 24 fps (8 bit). The Alvium 1800 C-1620 is equipped with the IMX542 sensor with a 16:9 wide screen format. It offers almost twice the resolution of the comparable 2nd generation Sony IMX sensor, the IMX267, making it especially attractive for ITS applications demanding high resolution images.

The two sensors feature an improved back side illuminated pixel architecture that can capture light more effectively, which leads to improved quantum efficiency (QE) compared to 2nd and 3rd generation IMX sensors. High quantum efficiency, lower readout noise and higher spatial resolution result in excellent image quality with high dynamic range. Because of the decreased pixel size of 2.74µm higher pixel densities (i.e. resolutions) for the same optical format are possible.

Near Infrared (NIR) enhanced CSI-2 camera

In addition to the two cameras with Sony 4th generation IMX sensors, Allied Vision has released the NIR-enhanced Alvium 1500 C-501 NIR camera, available as both color and monochrome. It is equipped with OnSemi’s 5MP rolling shutter sensor AR0522 which has good performance in the NIR region of the spectrum (i.e., above 750nm wavelength). It, therefore, performs very well in low light scenarios (e.g., at dusk or dawn).

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