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In vacuum Back-Illuminated 168 MP X-ray sCMOS Detectors with vacuum flange

The 16.8 megapixel X-ray sCMOS camera range from Photonic Science is expanding with the addition of two new types of cameras featuring a back-illuminated sensor capable of achieving direct detection in the EUV and soft X-ray spectrum and a large area version for indirect X-ray detection with enhanced detection efficiency.

The new back-illuminated sensor delivers lower noise compared to its front side predecessor, allowing lower detection limits for soft Extreme UV and soft X-rays X-ray microscopy applications up to 2keV. The camera can deliver single-photon detection and handle large signal amplitudes up to 16-bit digitization.

The sensor can be mounted on a flange with its electronics sitting outside the vacuum, or the whole camera can be placed into vacuum with adequate water cooling.

A fibre optically coupled version will also be made available for indirect X-ray detection using customed made scintillators covering 2-20keV and 20 to 100keV energy ranges.

The higher quantum efficiency of the back-illuminated sensor will offer 2x sensitivity improvements compared to the existing front side illuminated version, allowing single-photon sensitivity for low dose microCT as well as X-ray microscopy / phase contrast imaging applications

A faster read-out electronics will be made available at the end of 2021 for both types of cameras with data rates up 5 Gbit/sec allowing to read out the sensor at full resolution >20fps frame rate.

Data will be safely transferred from camera head to host PC via fibre optic cable, and streamed directly to RAM as well as fast SSD drives.

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