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Basler pylon vTools

With the release of pylon 7, Basler AG introduces a series of software modules that enable customers to quickly and easily use complex, powerful image processing functions for their applications - the Basler pylon vTools. With pylon vTools, users can design, test, and flexibly integrate intelligent structure recognition, precise object positioning, or robust code recognition into their own applications in one go, with camera control and image acquisition - always perfectly matched to Basler's camera portfolio. 

Companies that use computer vision are confronted with several challenges. Development teams often lack image processing experts, and building up image processing expertise can be costly. In addition, integrating basic visual tools into a company's own architecture is very complex; large comprehensive image processing software modules must be purchased, although only a few functionalities are really needed.

The pylon vTools address these challenges and provide seamlessly integrated image processing with the proven pylon software, allowing customers to get image acquisition and image processing from a single source. They can be quickly and easily created visually and are simple to integrate into existing architectures. Furthermore, the functions are offered in small, cost-effective modules based on customer needs. With the simple online activation of a demo license, pylon vTools can be tried out free of charge immediately after installation.

Tilmann Zuper, Product Manager Software at Basler AG, is convinced that pylon vTools will make work easier for many customers: "Our customers will achieve results quickly and easily, from image acquisition to image analysis. They can be immediately productive without extensive training and benefit from lower manufacturing costs thanks to our flexible licensing model."

Basler pylon vTools are available for Windows and Linux x86. More information about the vTools features and offered modules is available on Basler's website.

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