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The high-quality lighting portfolio designed by camera manufacturer Basler together with the lighting experts at CCS is now available for order. The Basler Camera Light series is ideally suited for the specific requirements of an image processing system.

Basler's lighting portfolio is designed to perfectly match the Basler ace U and ace L camera models, easy-to-install, and carefully selected for vision systems of varying complexity. It offers an exclusive selection of standard lighting, which in many cases helps to avoid time-consuming self-build lighting or reduce integration complexity.

The unique Basler SLP feature makes it very easy for the user to control both the camera and the lighting using the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. Synchronization between camera and lighting is done automatically, which saves time during initial operation. With the Basler SLP feature, even strobing and overdrive functions are easily accessible and can be used by less experienced users.

Customers can choose from two approaches: a plug-and-play approach using the Basler Camera Light series, where the SLP controller and standard lighting are integrated in one product, or the more flexible approach, where the Basler SLP controller provides the connection of a light source of choice from a wide range of light sources to the camera's SLP feature.

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