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Energetiq Technology, a specialist in high brightness broadband light sources, is celebrating the launch of the Chromatiq Spectral Engine (CSE).

The CSE allows users to emulate real-world lighting conditions, combine spectra from multiple sources, and create unique, dynamic spectra to fulfill demanding applications. It offers unparalleled spectral match accuracy, spectral resolution, and repeatability across an unmatched dynamic range. The CSE has been developed with automated calibration workflows in mind and easily integrates into any optical test protocols.

Target applications:

  • Calibration and test of ambient light sensors
  • Cameras/image sensors/CMOS
  • Colorimetry instrument calibration
  • Light sources for spectroscopy
  • Any application where the ability to generate a custom spectrum is important

Energetiq will present the Chromatiq Spectral Engine at the SPIE Optics + Photonics taking place August 3-5, 2021. 

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